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Shaanxi Baoji Coal Mining Machinery Reform can not be separated from the merits of ELBE hydraulic system


in coal mining industry? The new machinery can make the gate flexible and flexible. The mechanical control of the hydraulic pump of agricultural machinery and the hydraulic servo displacement control can keep the angle of the inclined plate and the corresponding displacement cylinder push and pull force enough to make the gate move smoothly and forcefully. It is easy to overcome common rust and hard particles. Drivers can control the opening of gate conveniently according to the demand of coal quantity of each road. By observing the size of gate exposed, the opening of gate can be known, so as to adjust the flow rate of incoming coal.

What level can ELBE new hydraulic system achieve after mechanical transformation The coal baffle can change the inclination angle at will and fully play the role of changing the direction of material projection. The material diversion volume in all directions is roughly adjusted by the gate and fine-tuned by the coal baffle. It can realize the automatic control of material flow, ensure the predetermined coal consumption of each production system, and relieve the heavy labor of operation control workers, so as to ensure the safety and smooth operation of production. Off-line control, strong security, and automatic protection function of the system, misoperation control is not easy to damage the sliding valve function of the multi-way reversing valve of the hydraulic valve of the equipment, the form of oil circuit, the equipments of the auxiliary valves at A and B ports, the control and fixed reset mode.

ELBE液压系统(Hydraulic systems)设备体积小,质量轻,推拉力大,安装无方向要求,工业环境适应度好;部件通用性强,有互换性,a点的液压站可临时替代b点的液压站工作,非常适合在选煤厂的分煤环节中应用。也可推广到其他闸门、阀们类的控制以及运输设备的张紧等;采用工业pc机,既可单独控制,也可参加集控系统。实现选煤生产的全面自动化农机液压泵柱塞组建便于维修,使用标准工具就可以拆装,所以零件和组件都是通用的。

ELBE hydraulic system (Hydraulic systems) has small volume, light weight, large push and pull force, no direction requirement for installation, good adaptability to industrial environment, strong versatility and interchangeability of components, and point a hydraulic station can temporarily replace point B hydraulic station, which is very suitable for application in coal separation links of coal preparation plant. It can also be extended to other gates, valves and the tension of transport equipment, etc. It can be controlled by industrial PC alone or in centralized control system. Full automation of coal preparation production is realized. The plunger of hydraulic pump of agricultural machinery is easy to be assembled and disassembled with standard tools, so the parts and components are universal.

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