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What is the use ofELBE expansion energy saving?

Do you know what the ELBE inflate section is? Non-metallic expansion joints are designed to compensate for additional stresses caused by temperature difference and mechanical vibration. They are set up on a flexible structure on a container shell or conduit.


ELBE膨胀(inflate)节是个什么玩意儿你了解吗?非金属膨胀节为你讲解:膨胀节为补偿因温度(temperature)差与机械(machinery)振动(vibration)引起的附加应力,而设置(set up)在容器壳体或管道(Conduit)上的一种挠性结构(Structure)

ELBE coupling, also known as coupling, is used to connect two shafts in different mechanisms (active and driven shafts) so that they rotate together to transfer the torque of mechanical parts, play the role of joining, buffering, vibration reduction and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. As an Elasticity compensating element which can flexible freely (extension and contraction analogy within a certain limit), it has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy (content: extracting metal or metal compounds from ores), nuclear energy and other sectors because of its reliable work, good performance (xng n ng) and compact structure.

ELBE联轴节又名联轴器,是用来联接不同机构中的两根轴(主动轴和从动轴)使之共同旋转以传递扭矩的机械零件,起衔接,缓冲、减振和提高轴系动态性能等作用。由于它作为一种能自由伸缩(伸出和缩进 比喻在一定限度内的变通)的弹性(Elasticity)补偿元件,工作(job)可靠、性能(xìng néng)良好、结构紧凑等优点,已广泛(extensive)应用(application)在化工、冶金(内容:从矿石中提取金属或金属化合物)、核能等部门。

Expansion joint, also known as expansion joint, or Corrugated pipe compensator, is a device used to absorb the size change of pipeline, conduit or container caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction by the effective expansion deformation of elastic elements of Corrugated pipe compensator. It belongs to a compensation element.

膨胀节习惯上也叫伸缩节,或波纹管(Corrugated pipe)补偿器,是用以利用波纹管(Corrugated pipe)补偿器的弹性元件的有效伸缩变形来吸收管线、导管或容器由热胀冷缩等原因而产生的尺寸变化的一种补偿装置(device),属于一种补偿元件。

1.         可对轴向,横向,和角向位移的的吸收。

2.         可用于在管道、设备(shèbèi)及系统(system)的加热(heating )位移、机械位移吸收振动、降低(reduce)噪音(分贝(dB))等。

3.         非金属膨胀(inflate)节服务宗旨:主动热忱——积极为顾客提供优质服务。

4.         elbe在电子元件、药品加工等制造行业中,由于受到体积、重量等因素的限制影响。

5.         对于气动元件的尺寸与性能也有了更高的要求液压阀是自动降低管路工作压力的专门装置,用于气动回路中,对压缩空气的压力值进行调节,使设定的压力值近于恒定。

6.         礼貌微笑——**公司(Company)每个员工对顾客服务应具备的基本要求。

7.         团结协作——和谐的团队精神是达到最高效(ɡāo xiào)率(efficiency)和最佳服务的基础。

8.         elso要克服由更换节流垫片带来的弊端,其根本在于将调整节流垫片的离散过程相应的改为一个动态连续调整的过程。

9.         并且该过程的调整最终也能保证系统运行的稳定性,即汽轮机在额定转速时,油遮断器脉冲油压维持在0.210.24mpa之间,这是对该系统改进的前提。

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1. It can absorb axial, transverse and angular displacements.

2. It can be used in heating displacement, mechanical displacement absorbing vibration and reducing noise (dB) of pipeline, equipment (shbi) and system (system).

3. The Service Purpose of the Non-metallic Expansion Festival: Actively and enthusiastically to provide customers with high-quality services.

4. Elbe is affected by volume, weight and other factors in the manufacturing industry of electronic components and pharmaceutical processing.

5. For the size and performance of pneumatic components, there is a higher requirement that the hydraulic valve is a special device for automatically reducing the working pressure of pipeline. It is used in pneumatic circuit to adjust the pressure value of compressed air, so that the set pressure value is nearly constant.

6. Smiling politely is the basic requirement of customer service for every employee in a company.

7. Solidarity and collaboration - Harmonious team spirit is the basis for achieving the highest efficiency and best service.

8. Elso needs to overcome the drawbacks caused by the replacement of throttle gaskets. The fundamental reason is to change the discrete process of adjusting throttle gaskets into a dynamic and continuous process.

9. And the adjustment of the process can also ensure the stability of the system operation eventually, that is, the pulse oil pressure of the oil blocker is maintained between 0.210.24 MPa at the rated speed of the steam turbine, which is the premise of the improvement of the system.

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