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Relationship between Lubricating Oil and ELBE Cross Shaft


光滑油(Lubricating oil)关于ELBE十字轴万向节来说是比拟重要的一局部。大家都晓得,机械设备(shèbèi)(组成:驱动安装、变速安装等)运作久了就呈现生锈,愚钝的景象,ELBE十字轴万向节也是如此,需求市场(shì chǎng)的光滑一下。万向联轴器(Coupling)光滑脂蜕变蒸发后构成较硬的皂质,起不到光滑的作用,甚至还障碍了滚针的滚动。

Lubricating oil is an important part of ELBE cardan joint. As we all know, mechanical equipment (shbi) (composition: drive installation, variable speed installation, etc.) has been running for a long time, showing a rusty, dull picture, ELBE cross-axle universal joint is the same, the demand market (shchng) smooth. Coupling's smooth grease degenerates and evaporates to form a harder soap, which does not play a smooth role, and even hinders the rolling of needles.

1.         防冻冷却液颜色越深,防冻才能越强。

2.         汽车防冻冷却液不需求经常改换,普通2~3年改换一次。

3.         建议购置高端品牌,质量有保证,壳牌、长城等。

4.         新车有原厂防冻冷却液,质量较好,根本上不会呈现开锅、冻裂的迹象。

5.         不同型号的防冻冷却液不能混合运用,以免惹起化学反响,生成沉淀或气泡,降低运用效果。

1. The darker the color of the antifreeze coolant, the stronger the antifreeze ability.

2. The automobile antifreeze coolant does not need to be changed frequently. It is usually changed once every 2-3 years.

3. It is suggested to purchase high-end brands with guaranteed quality, such as Shell and Great Wall.

4. The new car has the antifreeze coolant of the original factory, which is of good quality and will not show the signs of boiling and freezing cracking at all.

5. Different types of antifreeze coolants can not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or bubbles, and reduce the application effect.


ELBE十字轴在维护任务称重,轴承(bearing)内的光滑脂根本上仍是第一次注入的,不能用黄油来光滑。钙基光滑脂是由稠化剂钙和根底光滑油(Lubricating oil)组成的,其构造比拟分散。假如汽车在大负荷下继续运转的工夫较长,则油膜中的根底光滑油大局部便被别离出来,油膜也就根本上不存在了。

ELBE cross axle is weighed in maintenance task. The smooth grease in bearing is basically the first time injected, and can not be smoothed with butter. Calcium-based smooth grease is composed of thickener calcium and lubricating oil. Its structure is comparatively dispersed. If the car continues to operate under heavy loads for a long time, the smooth oil in the oil film will be separated from the oil film, and the oil film will not exist at all.


Moreover, the activity of butter at room temperature is very poor, and the needle can only rotate in situ in the task. Therefore, when the original oil film comes into effect, it is difficult to form a new oil film immediately, resulting in semi-dry friction or dry friction of needle-roller lead bearing and ELBE cross shaft. ELBE cross-shaft (shizizhou) universal coupling (Coupling) receives large torque and alternating load in its task. The main damage modes are the wear of ELBE cross-shaft journal and bearing (a fundamental type of effective parts), indentation and peeling of the task surface of ELBE cross-shaft journal and needle bearing bowl.

在车辆维护规范中规则(guī dìng):滑动叉键齿和两头轴承运用钙基光滑脂:ELBE十字轴的滚针轴承和三桥驱动汽车的两头轴承运用齿轮油。但在实践任务中,因ELBE十字轴的注油嘴与黄油嘴相反,有时是爲了操作控制方便,有时是无加注设备(shèbèi),十分多驾驶员和保修人员便错误地对ELBE十字轴滚针轴敢运用黄油光滑,形成ELBE十字轴的晚期损坏。是ELBE十字轴的消费厂家,更多相关(related)产品(Product)关注重传汽车。

Rules in Vehicle Maintenance Code (gudng): Sliding fork key teeth and two-end bearings use calcium-based grease: ELBE cross-axle needle bearings and three-axle drive vehicle two-end bearings use gear oil. However, in practice, because the injection nozzle of ELBE cross axle is opposite to butter nozzle, sometimes it is for easy operation and control, sometimes it is without injection equipment (shbi), many drivers and maintenance personnel erroneously dare to use butter smoothly on ELBE cross axle roller to form the late damage of ELBE cross axle. ELBE Cross Axis is a consumer manufacturer. More related products focus on retransmitted vehicles.

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